LT1 Turbo Twchnologies Turbokit for 94-96 Impala, Caprice, Roadmaster, Fleetwood

Click on pictures to inlarge $1,500 plus shipping firm!

This kit has both headers the crossover pipe the inter-cooler a 3" down pipe, all pipes hoses clamps ect.. the three injector/spray plate and of coarse the the turbo. Parts that were added on: BOV that is hooked up to a very small cherry bomb (to reduce the noise), Yellow top injectors, adjustable FPR, 3" cat and a PCM 4 Less tune that I saved the bin file to. Problems I am aware of the chrome is shot on the shield and the intake tube due to FL humidity. Parts I would rebuild: the turbo (just to be on the safe side) the injectors (yellow top or spray bar) depends on which one is going to be used. Parts I would replace are all hoses and maybe upgrade the clamps. That's about all I know (I am not a turbo guy) here are a few pics on the wagon it was installed on:

Also it may have two BOVs one says Vortech and the piping looks to be newer, the other one is the Delegate Mark II which has looks to be made by turbonetics (this one was installed on the car when I swapped the motor).

Lastly I might be missing a few clamps, bolts ect... mostly samll parts that cost just a few bucks to replace.